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Hypnotherapy, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

When I'm talking to potential clients, and explaining the benefits of Hypnotherapy, sometimes it's hard for them to imagine that their lives could change that much, that there could really be something inside of them waiting to be released, to be heard, to be let go of and ready to transform.

What most of them don't realize is that they have already been changed, they have already been transformed by the messages, opinions, and thoughts that they have received from people in their lives that were important when they were children. They did not come into this world fearful, anxious, and worried about being criticized and having negative thoughts.

They don't realize that the baggage that they carry around with them didn't belong to them in the first place but was placed in their subconscious minds when they were too young to process it. That in itself was a form of Hypnosis.

So, in our explorations to find out where the false beliefs are, where the critical voices are, and where they came from, and to find the resources that will carry them to a different state of mind, in other words, back to factory settings, the client comes to see that these changes are possible, and what is wonderful is that the changes continue.

That there are gifts that keep on giving when they engage in Hypnotherapy.

Once the subconscious is awake and reprogrammed, it is looking for other things that do not align with the new thoughts, reasons, purposes, and ways of being that it is currently taking permanent shape in its mind.

What I don't always explain to clients is that the Hypnotic transformation goes deeper than the things that they came to me to work on. When my clients learn to reset themselves, when they learn to breathe, to reset the vagus nerve to calm themselves, they are reducing anxiety, stress and promoting a state of peace in the body. They are empowered by their own body's self-regulating toolbox.

Feeling good is in itself a great thing, beyond the immediate benefits of reducing anxiety, the gift is that the world becomes a safer place for them. They can go out and live a life without being triggered and they do not have to engage in "what ifs". Now they can stay in the moment, and enjoy being in the moment and living their lives in the moment. When your inner world becomes a calmer and safer place, your subconscious releases the fear that it has been operating from for so long. When you no longer operate from fear, you become curious about the world, about ideas and people that are different than you. When you are no longer fearful of new ideas, and people who are different, you learn more about yourself, and you learn that there are commonalities between you and others. You gradually lose that sense of division, because you see that there are more things that you have in common, than things that divide you. This leads to the gift of peace because you are no longer afraid of the unknown. There is an acceptance there which is the knowledge that every day you are doing your best, that you are always a work in progress, and that your best really is good enough.

These are just a few of the long-term benefits of Hypnotherapy. These are things that will be seen and felt with the heart over time, and so Hypnosis really is the gift that keeps on giving.

You know that I do free phone consultations. If you are intrigued and want to know if Hypnosis is right for you, book a consultation. What have you got to lose?


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