Skype and Zoom Video Sessions

Can’t come to see me? No worries, you can still experience and intimate hypnotherapy session while you relax in the comfort of your own home! 

 No matter where you are , whether you are at home or at the office preparing for an important meeting, within minutes you can have a powerful session centered specifically around your needs at that moment.  

This is the closest thing you can get to real in-office personal hypnotherapy sessions. 


With Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist  Gloria Danvers, you can expect outstanding Hypnotherapy results.  


This is due to the way in which the hypnotherapy session is conducted.  All sessions with Gloria are conducted via computer-to-computer video calls.  This allows you to see and hear her from your computer.  How will this method benefit you as effectively as in-office sessions?  


Here's how:

    1    You will be able to sit face-to-face with Gloria and engage in a private, personal conversation.

    2    When you are being hypnotized, changes in your physical appearance can be seen by Gloria, providing clues as to how deep you are in hypnosis.

    3    Visual cues, like lifting your index finger as an ideo-motor response from your deep inner mind, will allow you to communicate with Gloria non-verbally while you are hypnotized, so you can maintain deep levels of hypnosis.

    4    Gloria’s voice will stream across the internet directly into your ears just like experiencing her voice in person.

    5    Abreactions while in hypnosis can be seen by Gloria allowing the hypnotic induction to be altered for your comfort and safety.


There are many advantages to Skype or Zoom hypnotherapy sessions. If you are familiar with me and what I can do for you, but cannot get to my office because of geographic or time constraints, this allows us the intimacy of a session wherever you choose to have it , as long as you can make yourself comfortable and we can be undisturbed. 


What you will need:

    •    Desktop computer, laptop, tablet 

    •Access to the Internet with sufficient speed to support Skype or Zoom video calls.

    •    Free Skype or Zoom

    •    Web camera (WebCam) 

    •    A headset w/microphone or a microphone and speakers

    •    Comfortable and quiet place to relax


Session payments can be made by check, money order or CC, and will be processed before the session.  All sessions are $150.00 per 1.5 to 2 hour session time. You will NEVER be rushed. 

First time sessions also include and MP3 download for you to listen to later. Listening to the recording will condition your deep inner mind to respond to my voice as I guide you into hypnosis and will greatly increase your results.


The arrangements for payment should be made at your initial consultation and before your first hypnotherapy session.  A 48 hour notice is required for any cancelations or amendments to your appointment time.  Payments will not be refunded unless proper notice is given a FULL 48 hours before.

Sessions that are cancelled after the 48 hour cancellation period will be rescheduled for a later date and time.

There will be NO refund without proper notice.


Client will be charged for the full session if they miss it without notice, as that 2 hour time period was booked specifically for them.


Upon receipt of payment, Gloria Danvers Hypnosis will e-mail you the intake forms required in order to begin your session. 


If you are under a Physicians care, Physician referral forms will also be emailed to you. They must be filled out and signed by you and your licensed health care provider(s) and returned to me before we can begin our work together.

For more information ~ Email me :

                                          Or call : 321-240-6300 

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