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Hypnosis Peace Gloria Danvers

Do you feel that you could be doing more? That your true potential is blocked and you don't know why? Or maybe you feel like you are stuck, and don't know how to get unstuck

Deep down, we all yearn for a brighter, more fulfilling existence. And guess what? Our intuition is spot-on! Within each and every one of us lies untapped potential.


Did you know that your subconscious mind holds a complete catalog of messages that have shaped your identity and influenced your actions since you were a child?

Not only that, but your subconscious also holds a catalog of Past Lives that may contain the origins of the issues that have become problems in this lifetime.

Hypnotherapy is the key to freeing yourself from those false beliefs and
outdated messages that have been holding you back.

Past Life Regression can be a valuable tool in bringing your issues, origins and karmic attachments to the front of your mind so that you can take steps to release them and live a better life now.

Don't you think it's time to rewrite your story, replacing limiting beliefs with
empowering thoughts and beliefs that align with your true potential?

Change begins with the decision to empower yourself by changing the way you think.

If you are reading this, then you know it's time to step into your true potential. It's time to unlock the secrets your soul has been carrying for lifetimes.

Your journey to a better life can start right now.

Our Hypnotherapy Services:

Many of us know how it feels to be stressed, worried or nervous.

Usually, these feelings don’t last long, and they disappear as quickly as they appear.


For some people, these feelings last longer and can be much more intense.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety looks at the root cause of the problem and accesses your subconscious mind to manage your feelings and create positive change.

Hypnosis for Stress
Hypnosis for Self Esteem

Poor self-esteem can keep you locked in a never-ending loop of putting others wants and needs before yours, and in many cases, not even know what your wants and needs are.

Would you be surprised to know that your value does not lie in what you can do for others?

You have value because you are a lovable and valuable human being. And you can have the life that you want, live your dreams, and still have those around you that love and support you. 

The foundation of a prosperous and happy healthy self-confidence.

Millions of people suffer from poor self-confidence, and it affects their lives in ways that they don't even understand.


Would it surprise you to know that your early life programmed you for this? And what is holding you back are the things you deduced about yourself before you were even 10 years old?


And that that old programming is faulty and does not reflect the person that you actually are?

Hypnosis for Confidence
Hypnosis for Grief

Grief is part of the human experience. It is love's way of honoring that which is gone from our lives. It is an emotion that helps us process loss and pain.

But when time passes on, and it doesn't seem to get any better, you may be stuck in a grief loop. The grief loop keeps you from returning to and creating a different life that can be just as rich and meaning full as the one you were forced to leave behind.

I can help you finally put your love and grief in a place where you can honor what was and still move into a new and happy life.

Do you ever go somewhere or meet someone and suddenly realize that this is very familiar?

Are you drawn to certain time periods, clothing, art, and places you have never been to?

Do you have unexplained pains, phobias, that feeling of being somewhere else, someone else?

These are indicators that you may be very close to the lives you had lived before you came to this current one and that those lives are still playing an important part in who you are today.


These are all things that can be discovered through Hypnosis for Past Life regression.


You are so much more than you have ever suspected. Through Past Life Regression hypnosis, we can bring light to old issues, bring peace to unresolved conflicts, and clarify complicated relationships.

Book a free phone consultation, and let's discover how you can release the burdens you may be carrying from another lifetime while embracing the beauty of who you have been through time immemorial.

View of Meditation Garden Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression
Smiling Businesswoman Hypnosis for Success Programming

What do you tell yourself about your business? What does the  running commentary, the self-talk in your mind say all the time about your ability to be successful?

In these changing times a smart entreprenuer can grow, change, and embrace the world we are living in now if he or she has the flexible and creative mindset to do that. 

I myself went through Hypnotic Success programming years ago to be able to sell my artwork with more confidence.

In a very short time, my sales shot up over 300%. It's not about the customer, it's about you, and when you have the right mindset you can easily achieve any goal.

Book a  free phone consultation and together we can design a customized Success program that will take you the next level...and beyond!"

Success Programming

What would your life look like smoke-free?

Would you be more active? breathe easier? look better? feel more attractive?

Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to stop smoking that has been shown to create positive and permanent results.

The side effects of hypnosis to stop smoking are all positive: feeling good about yourself, social confidence, better health, mental clarity, and improved focus!

Book a free phone consultation so we can explore how to free you from tobacco and give you your life back.

Hypnosis for Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking
Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Have you tried diets and programs, but you never seem to see any lasting results?

That's because there are many factors that play into both weight gain and weight loss. 

Real change and lasting change happens from the inside out. In your free consultation, we explore the reasons that your body wants to hold on to the weight.

Through Hypnosis, your mind releases the false beliefs and negative programming that result in weight gain and establishes new life habits so that you can not only take it off, but keep it off.


Book a free phone consultation so we can discover together how to give you the body you want.

Weight loss
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