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Your Hypnotherapist

Gloria Danvers

I became interested in Hypnotherapy years ago through watching my Mother utilize hypnosis as anesthetic substitute in oral surgery and then again for various issues.

Even as a medical professional, she wholeheartedly embraced hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and I was amazed at the effectiveness and long-lasting effects of those sessions.

Fast forward to years later in my career as a professional artist I decided to go to a hypnotherapist to enhance my creative subconscious and to balance out my right brain/left brain capabilities.

Again, as I expected, the results were stunning and long lasting, after just a few sessions for each issue.

I then decided that I would like to try success programming to help me understand and relate to my clients better. After a few sessions, the sales of my art work shot up.

At that point my faith in Hypnotherapy became a strong desire to become a practitioner myself. 


After researching multiple schools, I found the IIH, The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, the only state-licensed Hypnotherapy school in Florida.

The schooling was rigorous and intense. Most schools only require between 50 to 200 hours, but I wanted to get the most thorough and complete education possible. I am a CHt ( Certified Hypnotherapist ), a CCHt (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ) and a CTHt ( Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist ) with over 500 hours of training. I am also a member of the IAIH ( International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists ) which has the highest standards of practice management and personal conduct ethics in our profession.

I am proficient in Advanced Hypnosis , as well as related modalities such as NLP ( NeuroLinguistic Programming ), Breath Work,  EMT (Eye Movement Therapy), pain management, childhood regression, Past-Life Regression and many other techniques which can be integrated for the most personal, effective client-centered Hypnotherapy work you will ever experience.

In addition to being an Artist, I also owned The Goddess Shop in St. Augustine, Fl., where I promoted love, understanding and integration of all faiths and religions. There I offered spiritual counseling of the deepest, most compassionate, nonsectarian sort possible. I bring that to each of my clients, in each session. 

As a spiritual counselor there, I worked closely with my community to bring light to all dark corners, whether it be the mind, heart or spirit. That is still my mission today, and through Hypnotherapy, I have found the most effective , loving way possible to do that.


I treat each person that comes into my space with respect and care, and I am dedicated to helping you become the person you were always meant to be.

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