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Your Hypnotherapist

Gloria Danvers

Meet Gloria, a highly  experienced hypnotherapist. Discover her compassionate approach to healing and growth through hypnosis

I became interested in Hypnotherapy years ago through watching my Mother utilize hypnosis as anesthetic substitute in oral surgery and then again for various issues.

Even as a medical professional, she wholeheartedly embraced hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and I was amazed at the effectiveness and long-lasting effects of those sessions.

Fast forward to years later in my career as a professional artist I decided to go to a hypnotherapist to enhance my creative subconscious and to balance out my right brain/left brain capabilities.

Again, as I expected, the results were stunning and long lasting, after just a few sessions for each issue.

I then decided that I would like to try success programming to help me understand and relate to my clients better. After a few sessions, the sales of my art work shot up.

At that point my faith in Hypnotherapy became a strong desire to become a practitioner myself. 


After researching multiple schools, I found the IIH, The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, the only state-licensed Hypnotherapy school in Florida.

The schooling was rigorous and intense. Most schools only require between 50 to 200 hours, but I wanted to get the most thorough and complete education possible. I am a CHt ( Certified Hypnotherapist ), a CCHt (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ) and a CTHt ( Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist ) with over 500 hours of initial training. Since then I have logged in well over 500 more hours in independent sudy and CEUs to bring my clients new and innovative techniques in Hypnosis and Hypnotic coaching. I am also a member of the IAIH ( International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists ) which has the highest standards of practice management and personal conduct ethics in our profession.

I am proficient in Advanced Hypnosis , as well as related modalities such as NLP ( NeuroLinguistic Programming ), Breath Work,  EMT (Eye Movement Therapy), pain management, childhood regression, Past-Life Regression and many other techniques which can be integrated for the most personal, effective client-centered Hypnotherapy work you will ever experience.

My particular passion is Past Life Regression. It is an amazing window to the soul's experiences that affects the current lifetime in ways that cannot be explained by anything else. Relationships, fears and phobias, unexplainable body pain , all of those issues may be rooted in past life experiences. Many can be healed and brought to light while in the regression.

In addition to being an Artist, I also owned The Goddess Shop in St. Augustine, Fl., where I promoted love, understanding and integration of all faiths and religions. There I offered spiritual counseling of the deepest, most compassionate, nonsectarian sort possible. I bring that to each of my clients, in each session. 

As a spiritual counselor there, I worked closely with my community to bring light to all dark corners, whether it be the mind, heart or spirit. That is still my mission today, and through Hypnotherapy, I have found the most effective , loving way possible to do that.


I treat each person that comes into my space with respect and care, and I am dedicated to helping you become the person you were always meant to be.

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