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Whole and Perfect

Those of us who take up a healing profession are always dedicated in our pursuit of healing for our clients. We study this technique and get that training, yet we often overlook one of the most basic truths there are, which is that we cannot honor our clients wellness, unless we honor our own.

A healed healer is a powerful partner, for she will never ask you to go, physically, emotionally or spiritually where she has not gone herself.

Simply put, we cannot ask you to hold yourself as perfect and whole, if we are not doing the same.

In hypnotherapy we work to regain the knowledge of the perfection of the mind, spirit and body as it came into this world, and to incorporate it into a new way of thinking and being.

This work transforms lives by reframing destructive, negative thoughts and beliefs about oneself into those thoughts and beliefs that are true, and magnificently reflect the power and beauty and perfection that is a human being's birthright.

Sadness, anxious thoughts, negative life patterns that are repeated over and over are all symptoms of a mind and body that is not living it's own truth.

I'm on that journey myself, and what I learned is that the more love and care I give to myself, the more I see myself as perfect and whole, then the more love and care I can give to those I work with, the more I can truly hold that space for them until they are able to hold it for themselves.

It's not enough for me to send you, my client, on a journey.

I must be with you on that journey, shining that light into your subconscious, so that YOU can decide what your inner landscape should hold, so that YOU can plant your own soul flowers, paint your own soul landscape, choose who YOU want to be, and have the confidence and the right mind, spirit and body tools to make it happen on a grander scale than I could impart to you through writing.

I know who YOU are, and I want YOU to know who you are, the grand wonderful being that can manifest and be anything that he or she could dream of.

We start this life whole and perfect and through hypnotherapy, we can regain the knowledge that we always have been.

In this amazing healing process, we can honor and hold that space in others and ourselves as a natural and rightful state of being.

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