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What we don't know

I am a dedicated butterfly gardener.

Every plant in my yard is either a host plant or a food source for at least 7 varieties of butterflies. I never get tired of watching them, in every single stage from a tiny egg to a caterpillar to chrysalis and then finally a butterfly.

I often find myself wondering how much different most people's lives would be ( my own included ) if it were as easy for them to transform into their true magnificent forms as it seems to be for these marvelous winged beauties.

Now granted, a butterfly's journey is hazardous, dangers abound at every phase of development, but the majority of them seem to be able to complete their amazing transformations enough to keep the butterfly population on the planet thriving.

It makes me think that part of the journey to magnificence is not knowing that it IS a journey. Maybe the key to it all is to simply put one foot in front of the other and to put your whole heart into everything you do. When the caterpillar starts out, he has no idea of what's to come. But through his own process, he transforms into a being that his little caterpillar brain couldn't have imagined.

The same is true for people who who embark on the Hypnotherapy journey. When they start out, getting Hypnotherapy for this issue or that, they don't know how resolving those issues is going to free them so much that they transform into the the radiant beings they were always meant to be.

When you are bogged down and diminished by the accumulated baggage of years of self doubt, self sabotage and negativity, you can't conceive that there could ever be a better life, a better you. You are a caterpillar, trogging along on your ten million little feet, clinging to a leaf.

But a good Hypnotherapist does see you in your magnificence, knows how you can transform and fly, and be what you didn't know you were. And wants to hold that vision of you in her mind until you know it and can see it for yourself. In this process, you are never alone.

You are everything that you dream of, and so much more than you know.

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