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How will I know?

The urge to change, and the desire to stay the same is the eternal paradox. We want the gifts that come with an expansion of mind , body and soul, but the road between here and there feels unknown and treacherous.

We see ourselves actually wearing the shoes that we want to wear, but we are afraid to take the steps into them.

As a person whose life's mission has been to jump off the train before it hits the wall, I can tell you that yes, there are some parts that are really scary. That you can't always predict what changes will mean in your life and how they will most assuredly take you out of your comfort zone. I can tell you that the growth I have experienced as a result of embracing change was also something I could not have predicted when I started the risk taking behavior that eventually became my normal.

So how did I know when it was time? I didn't, at first, but over the years I have identified the feelings and signs that I was finished with one part of my life and ready to start the next phase.

* I was in pain. It's as simple as that. Life shouldn't be about pain, but when there are choices to be made on an emotional level, and you avoid them, yes, it is painful.

* I felt trapped. There seemed to be no way out in my current mode of thinking and being and living.

* I felt isolated and the support system that was keeping me safe seemed to fall away. This was at different times, both perceived and real. Whichever it was, it had the same effect of making me understand that there was nothing left to hold onto there.

* New ideas began to circle my head. New dreams, new areas of learning and visions of a new me in a new life that seemed almost more real than the one I was starting to leave behind.

*Most of all, the feeling that I was beating my wings so furiously that when cage bars finally gave way, I would be more than willing to shoot out into the unknown, whatever the cost.

Trusting that you have the tools to carry you into a new life and a new way of being is one of the deepest acts of faith in yourself that you will ever have to face.

Another paradox comes into play at that time, which is knowing that you have the tools, but also knowing that you cannot continue on the same way you always have and expect different results. If you have gotten this far, you are ready to start exploring the deep inner mind set that has been running your programs up to this point.

The discomfort that you feel is the old subconscious programming shouting "You cannot do this, you cannot be this, this is not safe, you are not smart enough, talented enough, strong enough".....the list can go on and on.

I'm going to tell you now that I know with all my mind body and soul...everything I possess, that your programming, as was mine, is old, outdated, limiting and keeping you from discovering that you can do this, that you can be this, that you will be safe, that you are smart enough, talented enough, strong enough...that you are, and have always been more than enough for any direction or path you cared to pursue.

Reframing your inner dialog can release the highest and best version of you, the you that is moving through the world confidently giving and receiving the very best that there is to be experienced.

This is what hypnotherapy can do for you, and in a fairly short period of time.

When you are ready, you will know, like I did, and I am here for you as your experienced loving guide when you decide to take that leap off the train.

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