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Baggage Claim...or not. Is it really yours?

Do you ever stop and think about why you do what you do?Why you identify yourself with a culture or a group or a religious belief? Do you think that you just "came in" that way?

You came to this life a clean slate. A blank piece of paper. Then your parents, your teachers, your religious leaders and the society you were raised in began writing their beliefs and rules on your paper.

So the way you think now is the product of all the the rules and beliefs that someone else decided for you, and every thought you think, every decision that you make reflects that.

Those pre-set ideas would cause you no trouble if they were all positive, loving, supporting and uplifting, but many times they are not.

You have been conditioned to accept the ideas and burdens of those who came before you without every really examining them.

Any trauma or dysfunction that your parents were going through were transferred to you, and you grew up suffering those dysfunctions without ever being present at their inception.

How does that hold you back?

Carrying burdens that are not yours to carry can bring feelings of being stuck, of being sad and anxious. You don't know the reason because there is no reason. It is simply something you inherited

. The only way to release them is to find the root of where it all began, and reframe that pain, those burdens that you inherited, and one of the most effective ways of doing that is through hypnosis.

We go to where it all began, even generations back, and release you into a present of your own making, of your own choosing.

Because you should be writing your own story and making your own happiness.

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