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Endings and Beginnings and Endings……and Beginnings

Have you ever noticed how we mark off time in our lives?

We tend to do it by events, and not years. We don’t say, “In 1985, I became a different person.”

We say, “when I got married, when I got divorced, when I had my first child, when my father died, when I opened my business”……. You get the idea. Life events change us, define us, and they also can contribute to the baggage we carry from one phase of our lives to the next.

Relationships become more difficult when we bring our past baggage into them. So do habits which may have begun as a coping mechanism, but ended up as hindrance that keeps you from living your best life.

That means even when you think you are ending one phase of your life, you are still carrying thoughts, habits, traumas and even false beliefs about yourself into the next phase of your life.

Carrying all these things forward can actually keep you stuck in that terrible place between then and now.

Knowing that you are carrying old baggage is the first step towards freedom. Identifying it is the next step, and getting a trained and experienced hypnotherapist to guide you through that process is perhaps the most definitive step of all.

Your brain can be retrained to let go of old baggage and also trained to start establishing new neural pathways that will support the changes you want to see in your life.

You might think, “It took me all my life to accumulate this much head trash, am I going to have to go to a hypnotherapist for years to make these changes”? The answer is no.

Profound shift can and does occur between three to ten sessions. Once we discover the key that will unlock the mental storage space where you keep your baggage, it takes very little time to reframe, retrain and and starting moving into the person you were always meant to be.

Book a free online hypnosis consultation at Gloria Danvers Hypnosis and let’s discover how hypnosis can change your life the way it changed mine.


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