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Have YOU have had a Past Life?

How many times have you been somewhere for the first time and think “ I know this place?”

Or seen a picture in a magazine, or a movie and been startled by feelings of love, of familiarity, of happiness, of sadness, of longing for a time and place you have no obvious connection to?

How many times have you met someone and immediately said to your self, “Oh, THERE you are”?

Even the talents that we have, the things we are interested in, these are all possible signs that you may be connecting with Past Life memories. For those who believe in Reincarnation and past Lives, guided hypnosis can shed light on many of these thoughts and feelings of Deja vu ( derived from a french translation as “already seen”)

Many Hypnotherapists do Past Life Regressions and in the process they discover that many of the unexplained traumas, phobias , even physical aches and pains actually are the result of their clients having experienced at least one previous life.

They also find that karmic relationships may continue from one life to the next. Many of these relationships are soul mate and soul group connections and through regression we find that they can take any forms. A mother and daughter relationship in one lifetime can manifest as a sister relationship in the next life time.

A husband and wife in one lifetime may be a best friend relationship in the next.

A Past Life regression session, or PLR is facilitated by an experienced Hypnotherapist who gently guides the client into a hypnotic state. In this altered state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind is asked to recall a time that is most relevant to the current lifetime. An experienced regressionist is very careful to simply guide the Hypnotic experience without leading the client in anyway. That way the client can be sure that the experience is coming from their own Past life memories and not prompted by the Hypnotherapist. In these PLR regressions, many things can spontaneously come up, like karmic patterns, life purpose, traumatic events, soul mates and even, on some levels, spiritual awakenings. The subconscious mind and the higher self decide what past life time is the most relevant and how it is all revealed. Each person is different and each experience is different.

The Hypnotherapist’s job is to guide the client through the processing and reconciliation of the events, relationships and patterns that are shown.

There are many benefits to Past Life Regression. Those include a great understanding of who you are as an eternal soul, the reasons you might experience certain things in this lifetime and even a deeper understanding of your current relationships.

If you are curious about Past Life Regression, book a free 30 minute phone consultation.

You are so much more than you know.

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