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Are you talking to yourself again?

We all laugh about people talking to themselves, or about listening to the voices in our heads. Yet if the truth is known, we all talk to ourselves, and some of it is not always nice talk. Many of us have a critical voice in our minds that absolutely goes nuts when we want to make a change or do something different. It can tell you that you are not safe, that you may fail, and it can keep you paralyzed in a state of fear and indecision. That voice is so loud that we might not realize that we also have an inner cheerleader. That voice says "You've got this, you are going to be great at this, it's worth the risk." The inner cheerleader is giving you much more positive feedback than the critical voice, so why don't we listen more to the cheerleader and less to the critic? The inner critic is actually trying to keep you safe, and that's why we listen more. When we were kids, our parents kept us safe by scaring us, and the critical voice in your mind is carrying on your parent's job by scaring you when you want to push past your comfort zone boundaries. Rather than being upset by your inner critic, recognize what it actually needs, which is to be comforted and reassured. "Yes, I know this is different, and I know you are afraid. It's OK to be afraid, and it's also OK to push through that and try something new." Comforting your inner critic and listening more to your inner cheerleader will result in a more balanced and mindful approach to your life. Hypnotherapy works!

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